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Owner Financing is a great way to make money with investment properties.  Join our Buyers List to see our current and upcoming properties.
If you want to profit from real estate , we can help you!

Stratford Realty specializes in finding discount investment deals and selling them at deep discounts to investors with Owner Financing.  You complete the upgrades, and keep the profits!

We acquire the best deals at the best prices, setting up our buyers with properties that will be money makers, whether as flips or a cash flowing rentals.  We can even arrange for a loan for the materials!

We find properties in foreclosure, bank-owned foreclosures, handyman deals, fixer uppers, discount homes, distressed property, and buy them at great win-win prices.  We then pass along these deals to our preferred buyers who are looking for owner financed investment properties.  With low money down and low monthly payments, these deals can make you money!

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What Types Of Investment Properties Are Offered?

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Our Chicagoland Owner Financing homes are in good neighborhoods, and just need updating to increase their values and your PROFITS. Inquire with us on this site for available properties and loans for materials.
We offer our properties to investors with a reasonable down payment and monthly payments.  We acquire:

  • 2 bedroom – 6 bedroom SFR
  • Multi-units
  • Most need cosmetic updating
  • Loans for materials are available!

These properties range in price from $25,000 to $100,000 and typically require a down payment of $2,500 to $10,000.  We only buy homes in good neighborhoods where people want to buy and rent.  Purchasers complete the needed work, raise the home’s value, and build equity with very little money down.

Advantages Of Owner Financing

  1. Closing Process Is Faster
  2. Closing Cost Is Lower-No Hard Money points and crazy fees!
  3. Down payment Can Be Flexible
  4. Terms can be Flexible
  5. Your interest in the property is protected
  6. Your attorney can review and advise you on the agreement
  7. You can even borrow money for the materials needed to update the property!

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How Does the Financing Work?

The process is really straightforward.

We finance the property for you with what is called a “Contract for Deed” or “Land Contract”.  This is a very common sales instrument and every closing is handled by an attorney, just like any other real estate transaction.  Your interest in the property is recorded on the property’s title.

You do not have to deal with banks and qualify based on your credit. You can start building equity right away and stop paying rent.  You can improve the property and build massive equity!

We sell properties that require light to medium rehab. All properties are sold “as is where is”.  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to make any necessary repairs and upgrades and to inspect the property thoroughly prior to purchase. We recommend getting a home inspection prior to purchase.

Plus, as we acquire new properties each month, as long as you’re on our Owner Financing Investor List, you’ll get email alerts with the latest properties available. 

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